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To March or not to March


I’ve been in the DFW area this weekend shooting personal branding portraits for my long time friend Amanda. She’s absolutely one of the most gorgeous women on earth both inside and out. So I’ve been faced pretty one-on-one with…

Ashley & Lacey Wedding - Angela Duncan Photography - Longview, TX

Ashley and Lacey Wedding

Wedding Photos

These two beautiful ladies were married a few weeks ago in Longview out at Nantucket. I haven’t gotten to shoot out at this venue very much, but every single time I do I love it. It doesn’t hurt that…

Engagement & Family Photos - Angela Duncan Photography

Engagement & Family Photos

Engagement Photos Family Photos

While I didn’t have the chance to shoot this couples college station wedding, I DID get to shoot some pretty sweet engagement/family photos for them. They were super sweet and how cute is his daughter??? Seriously though I kinda…