7 ways to save money on your wedding


As a wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of attending way more weddings than most people. I love it because I love weddings. And my front row seat to all the behind-the-scenes activities, ceremonies and receptions leave me with a unique perspective.

I've seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly - which means I am a wealth of knowledge on what works best and what might not be the greatest idea. And knowledge does you no good  if it's only in my head, so here are my 7 tips to save money on your wedding.


1. Have a non-Saturday wedding

Saturdays are the most-picked for weddings, but if you're able and willing to be a little off-beat, lots of vendors will offer you discounts for weddings held Sunday-Friday. And that includes photographers! I offer 10% off for Sunday and Friday and 15% for Monday-Thursday.

2. Ask for military discounts or other special discounts

If you're active military or a veteran, thank you for your service! Many wedding vendors want to honor your service to our country, so I highly recommend inquiring if they offer discounts to you. The worst they can say is no, right? By the way, I offer a 15% discount for active military at the time of booking and 10% for past service!

3. Find an all inclusive venue

Usually the more the venue offers, the better the value for you. Cost of renting 150 chairs can be a whopping $200 or more - tables $7-$12 each!  If your venue offers them - use them. Plus the cost usually includes set up, which will be a huge time saver if you're going total DIY with your wedding.


4. Purchase loose flowers for centerpieces and tables

This can help cut the cost down on fresh flowers. Some of the prettiest arrangements I've seen at wedding have been done this way. They will fill your space, and YouTube has tons of videos on how to arrange flowers. If you're really ambition, you can even do it for the bridesmaids bouquets too.

5. Skip the alcohol or serve only beer and wine or one signature cocktail

Simpler choices make it easier on your bar tenders and your wedding guests - less time in line debating what to order! Plus a signature cocktail will make an impression and be a special drink you can recreate for anniversary parties in the future. Pinterest has tons of ideas for cocktails for any season. And seriously, what's more fancy and luxurious for your wedding day than your own signature cocktail?


6. Have a non-meal time wedding

Evening weddings and receptions usually mean dinner, but if you're trying to save a little consider an afternoon reception. In the afternoon, refreshments are perfectly acceptable - cake and punch or maybe simple snacks like cheese and crackers are quick and easy ideas.

7. Find a vendor you love and ask for advice

Here's a secret: most people who work in the wedding industry do so because they love weddings! Esp. those smaller boutique companies. (Like me!) Use us for our knowledge! Ask for advice or guidance. We've seen it all, and we aren't just recommending our friends - we're recommending the person we've seen do the best job, time and time again.


What are some of your tips for saving money on weddings?
I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment and let me know.

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