I'm Angela.

Yes - that is - in fact - my nipple.  (gasp!)

What did you expect from an internationally published boudoir photographer, and artist, and inspirationalist and a dealer of self love?

But I'm so much more than that, but the most important of all?  I am HUMAN. 

And worthy and important just because, well, I just am.


I have spent my WHOLE life feeling not good enough. Between social media, my family, or "friends," I live in a world where every single day I am made to feel as if I’m not good enough. Whether it’s how I look or how I act, it seems like I can never get it just “right” with how I am “supposed” to look or act or BE. 


A couple of years ago, I decided to give the middle finger to that idea and find a way to battle that within myself and for others who fell into the mold of "I'm not good enough."


So I took the tools I had – my camera, a few lenses and my heart – and started using them to create art to help people see themselves in a totally different way than they ever have.  To see themselves as they really are.  

I encourage them to leave their demons at the door and get OUT of their comfort zone and face their fears head on. I create an environment for them to rediscover themselves and all the things that make them amazing and strong and powerful and sexy and give them lasting experience and images to remind them of that every single day.

I inspire them to change the way they see themselves.

© 2019 by Angela Duncan Enterprises LLC

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