Boudoir Session with Sierra

Amanda & Dustin Wedding - Angela Duncan Photography

This girl - glam-o-rous. Seriously - when I think of glam I think black lingerie, pearls, heels, smokey eyes and BIG hair.

Check, Check, Check, check and CHECK!

I've known Sierra for about a year now and in that year we've gotten close. She is a pole sister at Head Over Heals Fitness and you can't help but have an instant bond when you are all doing the same thing week in and week out.

Anyhow - when she booked her boudoir session she said she wanted "BIG Texas hair" because you know they always say in the South - "The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus."

Well that's enough talk - take a look at the beautiful images from her session.

Sierra said:

Before I did my photoshoot I was embarrassed to [show my stomach], I wasn't even sure about letting anyone know it was me in those pictures. I don't even care now, I literally don't care. That's how well you, and Lydia, and Ashley did taking me to that place of being comfortable with me. I literally changed my entire perspective on me and I see myself every freaking day

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