What difference does a picture make anyway? Part I

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

What difference does a picture make anyway?


Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

All. Of. It.
I'll give you an example here.
This photo was taken almost 4 years ago.
We had just moved back to East Texas from Houston.
I was a new mommy.  I had just restarted my photography business after a couple years off due to a family tragedy.
Looking at this photo - I don't even recognize this girl, but at the time, she represented my business and everything about who I was at the time.  It's a natural light photo taken on an overcast day.  Which was my preferred shooting style.
Take a look at this photo of me and how it compares to a couple of examples of my work at the time.
See how they go together?









Now take a look at this one...

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TXThis was taken almost 2 years ago, and while you can still tell it's the same girl in both photos, the feeling you get from the girl in each photo is totally different. The first was soft and calm and sweet, where this girl has a little more confidence and sass.

So what's the difference?
The girl in image A is fully covered except her face.  Her hair is long and naturally colored.  Her jewelry and makeup are conservative and her stance is very basic.
The girl in image B is a big opposite.  Her hair is brightly colored and cut short.  Her jewelry makes much more of a statement.  Not to mention her bright sweater and bright red lips call attention.  And her stance is much more confident.
This photo was taken around the time I moved into my second studio and started offering boudoir year-round instead of just as marathons a couple of times a year.  My posing, shooting and editing style changed as well.  Even down to my choice of locations.   I started to notice that I was booking more "off beat" brides a portrait clients as well as tons of boudoir clients.  I was booking these clients not just because they liked the images they saw on my website, but they also could look at this photo and connect with me before they even ever met me in person.
Like attracts like and they could look at this photo and say hey - she looks like someone I'd like to hang out with, I should look into booking her.
Again - take a look at how this goes with the images I was shooting at the time...



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