Have you ever wanted to model?

Angela Duncan Photography - Longview, TX

Let's face it - every girl, at one time in her life or another, has always looked at the pages of magazines and thought how much fun it would be to be a model. I know I have.

I used to lay on my bed at night listening to my Hanson CD on repeat with my contraband "Seventeen" magazine in hand and flip through the pages imaging what life must be like for those models.

Longview Boudoir Photography

I had seen enough TV at that point to know that it looked incredibly glamorous. So I would spend nights imaging myself in their place.

In my mind, I was diva in the hair and makeup chair. Ordering my assistants around to get me coffee and "cancel my 3 o'clock." I would be a tornado in the dressing room during outfit changes - throwing clothes and shoes all around. I would walked extra heavy on my way to the set to ensure that my heels made that "click clack" sound so no one could deny that I was the STAR. I could see myself moving fluidly through poses - running my hands through my hair and experimenting with all the facial expressions I could think of.

Longview Boudoir Photography

Sounds pretty awesome! To be the CENTER of attention. To have someone ELSE do your hair and makeup for you. To have a wardrobe for you to pick through as you please. To have someone keep your coffee (or your mimosa) full. To FEEL like a model.

Longview Boudoir Photography

Well, you can. Because that's what it's like inside the walls of my studio on shoot day. And you're in luck, because I want to photograph you., I’m looking for TWO female models and TWO couples 21+ for boudoir photo shoots. And even though you'll FEEL like a model, this doesn't requite any modeling experience. Pretty cool, right?

Your shoot would take place on a weekday at 9 am or 1 pm inside our studio in Longview, TX. And for modeling you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY photo shoot, professional make- over, and the experience to be a model for a day!

Longview Boudoir Photography

Interested? Please comment on this blog post AND then click the link and fill out the application below!


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