Falling for fall colors at recent photo sessions

Ah, the age old question - what do I wear?! It's the number one question I hear after a client books a session for themselves, their family, their high school senior. Everyone wants to look their best for an image that will document who they are right now, at this moment in time.

And since "right now" is fall, today I want to share some of my absolute favorite colors for fall sesions. From royal blue to copper and every shade in between, I love the colors in Pantone's fall color report this year - they're rich, vibrant hues that aren't too heavy or wintery but bold enough to firmly take us out of the hold of summer and place us in fall. They capture that beautiful whimsical feel of the fall as we all long for cooler weather, weekend bonfires that make the night seem magical and fun, only-in-fall activities like apple picking and corn maze wanderings. (Can you tell I'm loning for it? Hurry up and come to Texas, fall weather!)

Here's some of my favorite shots from a recent family session that perfect showcases how you can incorporate these lush colors into your own fall session!

Go bright and bold with deep golds and fiery reds. I love the detail of the homemade blanket - don't they both look so cozy?
Or opt for gorgeous earth tones - I love how their denim and white balances each other out, and that pop of taupe from the blazer pulls it all together.
Balancing solids and patterns with matching colors is always a winner. It helps pull everyone in the photo together, yet allows each of you to show your own individual styles and personality. (And some of that whimsy I love about fall!)
This photo is all about the details - the daughter's barrette and the mother's necklace that tie the whole photo together. And the earth tones with the pop of red? Perfect use of color!
The best part? You can take all the ideas you see in these photos and make them your own! Use the Pantone color palette to create your own mismatched, color-coordinated look for your family's session! And remember - it's the little details that pull it all together!
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