Fun Family Photo Shoot Tips - Roden Family

The holiday season is upon us. And that means you're probably trying to dig up the most recent family photos you have for this year's holiday greeting card, only to realize your last family photo? It's three years and a few hairstyles old! What to do?

You can, of course, call up your favorite photographer and schedule a session, but taking your own photos can be just as fun! I recommend families take group photos at least once a year, minimum. You might not see a difference year to year, but when you start looking at the photos you'll be amazed at the little changes you notice in everyone! It's fun to document that over time.

While I absolutely LOVE shooting family photos, like the beautiful Roden family featured in this post, I know booking an annual photo shoot isn't always practical. But with a few of my tips, you can fill in the gaps to ensure you have amazing annual family photos!

Tip #1: Schedule your shoot around a child's birthday, anniversary or move date. Then keep taking photos around that time every year to document how your family changes and grows from year to year.


Tip #2: Grab your point-and-shoot camera (or even your smartphone!) and learn how to work the self timer. Play with poses and angles until you have the perfect shot you want to capture. Then, set the timer, get in place and let the camera do the work! OR ask a good family friend to take your photos for you - then return the favor and take theirs. Everybody wins!

Tip #3: It's okay if not everyone is looking at the camera in your shot. Sometimes those are my favorite shots because they capture special moments and personality. One of my secrets for amazing family photos is to get them focused on interacting with each other so they forget I'm even there - the results are much more authentic photos.

Tip #4:

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