Including your Significant Other in your solo boudoir shoot

So I LOVE couples sessions. I really dig the process of capturing chemistry and authenticity of a couple when I photograph them in the studio. But more often than not, many significant others don't take part in the session.
Longview Boudior - Angela Kay Duncan Photography

So how do you make sure you incorporate them into your session?

Steal their clothes!

Longview Boudoir Photography

This is the number one thing you can do to really customize your shoot for your hunny. Sneak their fave lounge or work shirt! Even a tee from their fave band or jersey of their fave team.

Longview Boudoir

Accessorize with their items!

Sometimes it's hard to sneak clothes and get away with it. So opting for something a little more discrete might be the way to go. Keep in mind what they do for a living as well - those props can always be fun!

Longview Boudoir

What if I can't steal their stuff or it doesn't fit me?

There is always the option to go shopping on your own. Look for shirts with his favorite things and teams and bring those to your shoot. Not sure about buying clothes you may not wear again? You can always buy a sports ball or hat of that team and gift it to them along with your photos!

Longview Boudoir Photography

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