Why personal branding is the new headshot for our generation

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

As a young female photographer in a small East Texas town, I often times feel like I'm at a disadvantage to my older counterparts. I know that a lot of young people struggle with being successful in business and moving up in the work force.

So much of this has to do with our technology driven generation.

The days of face to face meetings are over and people research everything online. Even your future employers are going to the internet to google your name before they even read through your resume or think about calling you in for an interview.

So what do you do when you are vying for that promotion or trying to snag a slew of your ideal clients online?

You set yourself apart.

Sounds like an east task, but for some, they wrack their brains thinking of ways they can get themselves in front of the people who call the shots and make the decisions. So they call and they email in hopes that they'll get a bite.

But they overlook the power that a well designed and formatted personal website with stunning personal branding photographs can have on how a client or potential employer views your credentials.

1. It saves time

A great bio is awesome, but let's be real, everyone is busy. And I mean everyone. Our world is fast paced and demanding in both work and personal lives so it's not going to be practical for me to read through 599 words to find out what high school you graduated from. Likely, I don't care, and it probably has nothing to do with my decision to book or hire you.

But a photograph, in less than 3 seconds can tell me so many pertinent things.

-your grooming habits
-your idea of professional attire
-what your personality is like
-how you might keep your desk
-even what you do for a living

All of this before I've read even a single word.

Body language in a photo can also give a client, agent or employer an idea of the type of person you are and what your work ethic might be. Sometimes, simply having a professional looking personal brand can show you're the type of person to do a little more in the name of quality.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Caption: Amanda is an artist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She utilizes many forms of media to create her art.

2. It's an attention grabber

When most people think about having a professional portrait done, it's scary to step outside of the norm of doing a simple headshot against a solid background. It's been the standard for years and a lot of seasoned employers aren't used to seeing anything outside of that.

But what do you think will happen when a carefully composed personal branding portrait slides across their desk amongst a sea of other applicants with the basic headshot?

It's going to grab their attention and make them look at YOUR application or resume or website, twice.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Caption: Rena is a certified sexologist based in Chicago. She specializes in working with the LGBTQ community. Her business thrives on starting conversations. Find her at Practical Audacity.

3. It helps you connect

In a lot of cases, there is probably a business similar to yours or another person in your area applying that has the same or similar credentials to you. So how do you CONNECT with the people you want to hire you or buy from you? You connect with them by showing them what you're all about.

A carefully constructed business portrait or portrait series (which I highly recommend doing more than just one photo) can really allow a shopper or potential employer connect with you almost as if they are meeting you.

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