A very "I deserve this" Valentine's Day

When I was a lot younger, I had gotten married to this fabulous guy. (We aren't married anymore but he's still a fabulous human..."

I was 21 years old at the time, and I had been shooting professionally for a little over a year. I had done at least two boudoir photo shoot for brides of mine and I had seen what it had done for them and I wanted some of what they had. I wanted that look on their faces when they saw their photos. I wanted the glee they experienced when they saw their bodies and actually LIKED it.

So I made plans for us to take a trip to Austin and I booked my very first boudoir shoot. I went back and forth. Like a lot of times on actually doing it.

Looking back it wasn't really THAT expensive and I wasn't really 1000% doing it for myself since I was planning to give them as a gift. But IKNEW deep down that it was something that I really wanted to do and in the end - given as a gift or not - I was doing it for me. Hitting that "pay now" button on the invoice was a LOT for me. And I even got tot he point where afterwards, I considered canceling. I knew I wouldn't get my money back, but he didn't know I had booked it and well, I could always do something really inexpensive as a Valentine's gift instead. We had done "Dollar Store Holiday's" in the past so it would have been a non-issue.

But I didn't cancel - and I didn't back out but even still, the day of the shoot I sat in my car for a WHILE contemplating just leaving. Even as I got out of the car and walked the long way up the driveway, I STILL had the thought present that I could turn around and leave. But I didn't. I went to the door, ugly crying and all and the rest is history.

I'm not sure about you, the person reading this, but I've had a REALLY rough past 11 months. I think most of the world has. With that, I know that, like me, you have probably done a lot of putting your family and kids and job above everything else. Now is the time to change that. Now is the time to take a step towards something YOU want.

Trust me when I say that people will say all sort of things.

"That's neglecting your family..."

"I can't believe your spending money on yourself like that..."

"Wow, you're doing THOSE kind of photos..."

All of the above which will be delivered in a tone that is sure to express their disdain for what you're doing. But you DESERVE this. You deserve to spend time and money on yourself. To have adventures and stories to tell.

Join me for Valentine's Day this year to celebrate you.

I've booked a fabulous loft studio in DFW just for you to come hang out and a shoot and celebrate you.

Take a look at the images below - isn't that space to die for???

These mini sessions are a 30 minute time block in the loft and include one outfit. There is a private restroom when you arrive to change in and touch up makeup. Because this is a rental space - you'll want to arrive as ready as possible to jump into your shoot. You do need to note that there may be a little overlap. You may be walking out of the door as someone else is leaving or vice versa. But know that the time that you are int he studio with me shooting will be completely private.


I'm so excited to share this space and time with you. The details you need to know are below:


Your session fee Includes:

Access to Lingerie Closet with prior arrangement

Studio set up and rental fees

One outfit

30 minute time block in the studio (arrive ON TIME for your appointment as we are not allowed in the building early.)

Reveal and Ordering Appointment (virtual)

5 digital high resolution files*

*Add $225 to include all final high resolution files


Masks MUST be worn when entering the building and walking through the halls.

No one under the age of 18 enters the studio.

No smoking whatsoever in the building or within 30ft of any entrance

No alcoholic beverages on site.

Keep sound at reasonable level

No pets allowed.

No guests allowed outside of the photographer and those being photographed.

No hazardous, illegal, or negligent practices, activities, or substances

Do not attend not have a fever, cough or have been in contact with anyone that tested positive for COVID 19.

Do not move any furniture.

Do not sit or instruct anyone to sit on the couch arm rests or head rest or back rest

Do not wear shoes on bed or couch if shoes will touch the bed or couch.

Studio and property management are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents. Renters & clients must park along a public street during sessions. DO NOT leave purses, bags or any other items of value in your car.

Glitter, confetti and feathers are not permitted.

Honey/chocolate syrup and anything sticky/messy is not allowed in studio.

You may bring bottled water.

There is a PRIVATE restroom for changing


You know you're ready and you know you want this...go ahead - click the link.

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