Dreams VS Plans

My wife and I were talking a few months ago about dreams.

Not like the dreams you have when you are asleep, but the dreams you have that could be real things and you WANT them to be real things - but they just kinda sit there as a "some day" type situation.

For me - I don't like the concept of having a dream - I prefer the concept of having a plan and having goals that get me to that end result.

I have a plan on how to reach any goal or dream I could ever think of. But just because I have a plan for how t meet a certain goal or dream, doesn't mean I will achieve it - it simply means that I know what I need to do to get to there.

Why is this unique?

I feel like often times, we get caught up in this idea that some things are not meant for us to actually do.

I mean, in one lifetime how can ONE person have a career AND run a side business? How can they have a family AND still travel? How can they "put down roots" AND still maintain their wanderlust?

It's because they have a plan.

A dream without a plan is just a wish - I know you've heard that before. Here's some ways I turn my wishes into plans.

  1. Write it all down - and I mean everything. Every dream every wish every thing you've ever wanted to do or be or have or accomplish - make a list.

  2. Circle three things that are the most important that you REALLY want to have happen.

  3. Give each of those their own pages - whether that be a page in a journal or a note on your phone - whatever method that works for you - and write each one at the top of the page.

  4. Start brainstorming the steps you'd need to take to get there. Make sure these steps are SPECIFIC - this is super important. Don't write just "save money" if you're brainstorming for taking a trip to Paris - say "put $10 a week into a jar" or "put $10 a week into our trip fund." The more specific you can be with your steps to reach a goal - the more likely you are to do those steps.

  5. Prioritize your goals once you have the steps down. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you and work towards that one till you achieve it. For some goals it might be the one that has a deadline, other times in your life it may be the one that has the fewest steps. Whichever one makes the most sense for you - do that one first.

Now you can repeat the process with the other things on your list as you complete them. I suggest keeping that master list and adding to it as you have other ideas. And it's super nice to cross off the ones you finish as you go.

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