The Official "Boudoir Your Selfie" Guide is here!

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to be rolling this guide out for all of you! I'm the most excited to get this into your hands - and JUST in time for Valentine's Day!.

This guide has soooo much information!

Each unique section details step by step what you need to do to upgrade your at-home selfie game!

This guide has everything from how to record your images, what to wear, what apps to use for editing on you phone and full guided posing that you can use again and again as you perfect the flow.

Get your copy today for only $25!


Special thanks to my models Lillie and Terra for putting themselves out there and beta testing this guide. Thanks to Emalyne and Rachel for reading through the first final draft for corrections. Thank you to my amazing wife for dealing with my anxiety while I was working on this and being by my side the whole way. And finally, thank you to all of you who have purchased this guide. I’m so honored. XOXO Angela C-D

Disclaimer: This e-book is for your personal use only and NOT for re-sale. DO NOT share the information here with anyone else.

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