Three tips for getting it all done

Some of you might be wondering - how does she get everything done?

How does she take amazing photos, travel to take amazing photos, constantly produce new and engaging content on social media, keep up with her website and find the time to sleep, raise a child, and do all the other things in life that we all have to do.

Tip 1: Delegate when you can.

It's not a bad thing to ask for help. I currently have two brand ambassadors who run things for me. They help share my work (and their own experiences) through their own social medias, this group and they help keep the content I put out on regular fb and instagram and tick tock bumped for others to see.

This allows me to focus on creating content that's more specific to what services I offer and allows me a little more time to shoot and edit.

Don't worry - these brand ambassadors are well compensated for their time and energy and honestly I don't know what I would do without them.

Tip 2: Systems and Schedules

Maybe it's simply because of my neurodiversity - but I THRIVE in high pressure situations BUT in order to do that - I have to be organized as F*CK.

If I'm not organized and I don't have a way to plan what I'm going to do when - it won't get done. I have a system for literally everything in my life.

For example - on Saturdays - I schedule ALL the posts for my group so they post automatically. Wednesday's I do it for Instagram. Friday's are when I put in client orders for the week.

Planning ahead takes the guess work out of what I need to do for me.

Tip 3: Rest so you can come back better and stronger

I used to think that i had to be productive ALL the time. That if I wasn't working I was less worthy or people would judge me because, if I had images that needed to be edited, someone would be upset with me if they saw me out at dinner instead of finishing their photos.

But I realized that I don't have to explain my time frame to anyone. I don't have to explain that I need rest too. Just like someone who has a "traditional" job where they clock in and clock out - everyone needs and deserves time off the clock.

What tips would you add to this list?

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