Why you should support the artists in your life and how to do it

When I think of all the energy that was required to make this one image. Sometimes it makes me sad.

Not sad because of the effort or use of time and resources, sad because I know the general public will look at this photo and go "oh nice." and keep scrolling.

Maybe they will give it a like, they MIGHT even give it a comments - but for the most part - that's it.

They don't see the weeks of location scouting I did to try and find a place that wouldn't arrest us and slap us with a sex offender label for shooting boudoir outside. They didn't experience the hours I spent trying to find outfits that fit the vibe. They don't see the me that had food poisoning and was throwing up for 5 hours before we left for this shoot. They don't realize that my wife took a whole weekend off work (which is their entire work week) to drive the 8 hours to west Texas for this shoot.

They don't know the sand storm we battled while still trying to be discrete. They didn't see that we had not just one but two assistants helping my model get dressed and in this photo, covered in glitter.

So if you made it to the end of this - thank you for reading all the way through and remember that when you see an artist on fb or instagram or tick tock - that a LOT of time and effort and money and energy went into making whatever it is they are showing off.

So if you're ready this - give it a like. Leave a comment (even a gif helps boost our content!) and when you are able, share and tag a friend.

The artists in your life and that you see on a regular basis don't do this for the money (if they did, they wouldn't be artists) they do it because it brings them joy and they want to bring joy to the world too.

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