I did something really scary

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I don't know if you've seen the post I put on Facebook last week or not, but it's a photo of ME. Yep - me. I wavered for more than two weeks on whether or not to post THIS image.

Why? Because it was scary. It was me, half-naked (ok-only sorta) in one of my favorite boudoir poses. And a pose that's actually fairly - um - intense.

But I uploaded the photo - typed in the words that came to mind and let the mouse hover over the button. For a while. Like, a long while.

Longview Boudoir Photography - Longview, TX

You might say - it's not a big deal - it's what you do for a living. Yes, it is what I do for a living. You're 100% correct - but I don't take photos of MYSELF for a living. I don't post images of myself like that for the entire digital world to view.
See how that's different?

But I posted it. I hit the button and felt my stomach drop. I love the photo. For real - it's one of my favorites from my "selfie session" but would it be other peoples favorite? What would they think?

TERRIFYING. It was terrifying. But only for a minute. Even before I started seeing people liking and commenting just like they do on my other posts, I started to feel GOOD about posting it. I started feeling brave and confident and I realized that it didn't matter what anyone else thought. I was proud of this image like I am a lot of the other photos I take - only this time, it was me. Why shouldn't I share that with the world?

Longview Boudoir Photography - Longview, TX

I tell you this to because I was surprised I even had the desire to post that image. I've struggled with my body image my whole life. I mean, I'm a woman and our society doesn't exactly make it easy to be happy with ourselves and what we look like. On top of that, I've always been a "bigger" girl and thought I was shaped "funny." But when I set up to do these photos and then saw what I had captured on the back of the camera - I couldn't believe it was me. I knew it was, but I was shocked that I actually LIKED what I saw.

In that moment it "clicked" for me. That's the whole POINT of what I do. To finally be a breath of fresh air that shows ALL women their true selves. Some for the very first time.

Longview Boudoir Photography - Longview, TX

So - I want to photograph YOU. I want to get you out of your comfort zone, help you power through something that scares the CRAP out of you. I want to show you who you really are.

Who you really are is so many things. Fierce. Powerful. Dedicated. Beautiful.

Longview Boudoir Photography - Longview, TX

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