My photoshoots are designed to change lives.  

This is NOT a "I want pretty pictures to give to my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner kind of situation." 


Sure - if you need a way to justify the shoot and spending the money - AWESOME.  If that's the way you have to make it make sense for you to spend the money - COOL. 


That's fine - I don't fault you for it, I TOO have been that person.  But I promise you - this isn't REALLY for them.  It's for YOU.  My session experience is designed for you and only you.   


The you who is FINALLY ready to shed the layers of self doubt and "I'm not good enough" and step into feeling a LOT more comfortable in their own skin. 

The you who's so OVER not wearing what they want in public because people are assholes and will probably think something negative.


The you who is ready to not give a FUCK about what anyone else thinks about you and your body and what you choose to do with it.

The you who is ready to FEEL something - to feel BETTER, evening AMAZING about taking up space and existing in this world and well - just being you.

Hair & Makeup

Unfortunately, due to COVID, hair and makeup is not included with any sessions nor can it be done in studio. 

However, you will be provided with referrals to my stylists to book on your own if you want. 

In addition, my studio hosts a wardrobe full of lacy, glittery, sassy things for you to play dress up in on the day of your shoot. 

Of course, I want you to bring your own pieces for us to shoot in too, but this experience is all about getting out of your comfort zone and what better way than by wearing things that you DON'T normally?

In-House Wardrobe

Photo Shoot

This is probably one of my fave parts of what the experience offers.  

You get 3 outfit changes plus nudes (if you want 'em - which most of my clients do.)   And let's be honest, a lot of times it's more because we are vibbing and I'm digging your style and we end up with WAY more than just 3 outfits, but that's a safe place to start. 


The whole time you get one on one coaching with me behind the camera telling you to arch your back and tug on your clothes all while smiling and giggling with you. 

During this part, you'll grow and face the demons of self doubt and negative body image right in the face.  You'll also punch them right in the face and show them that you got this.