Top 5 reasons to do a lifestyle newborn session

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

The anticipation of a new baby is always so exciting. A lot of families plan for maternity and newborn photos for after the baby is born. Many don't consider that a newborn session in their home is an option.

Here are my top five reasons you should opt for an in-home newborn session.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

5. Less to pack.

Any of my mom readers know, with a new baby, you basically have to take the whole house along with you when you go anywhere. You've got to make sure you have the diaper bag, extra clothes, the carseat, bottles, blankets, the lovey, pacifier... and the list goes on for ages.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

I don't know about you, but I do not miss those days of carrying pounds upon pounds of baby items because we *might* need them. And strapping a not happy little one into a carseat when he was sleeping just fine but we had to be to a place at a certain time.

No thank you.

Wouldn't you rather be where you, your baby and your stuff already are?

4. Extra time.

What goes along with having a newborn? Running late.

It's not because you don't plan well, it's because you're tired and adjusting to life with a new little human. I can't tell you the number of times I went to a doctors appointment or even just a date with a friend and showed up with a t-shirt I'd be wearing for 2 days and yoga pants with spit up on them because I didn't have time to change before I left or I was going to be late. And even then, I was usually still late.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

I love being able to add a little relief to my new moms by giving them the ability to continue getting themselves ready AFTER I'm already there.

Let's face it, mom life is hard. And most dad's don't take near as long to get ready as we do. For a lot of my moms, it's so nice to have me show up and dad and I get started with individual shots of itty bitty and mom can finish what she needs to get herself ready. It makes things way less stressful for everyone.

3. Less stress.

For me, when my son was little, I preferred to be at home. It just made sense to me. I always got a lot of anxiety going to another space. As I talked about in point 5, all my stuff is already at home. I don't have to worry about forgetting anything or making a list and double or triple checking it. It's all already there.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

And not to mention, when my son was little, driving was a NIGHTMARE with him so any opportunity I had to NOT take him somewhere in the car, I was happy,

2. Unique photos.

So yes, we all have a pinterest board with photo ideas for every occasion. (And if you don't, I highly suggest it.) But even though we see photos that we love that have other peoples babies in them, we STILL really do want something that is unique to us. Something that captures us and not just a cookie-cutter idea of what a newborn baby is supposed to look like.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Your home is the place that is the most unique to YOU. I find that spaces even vary from home to home as my clients move. The spaces grow and change with time and spaces never look the same from client to client.

1. It will always be the place you brought baby home to.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

That's the number one reason I LOVE in-home or lifestyle newborn sessions. When my son was born, it was after a long stint of strict bed rest in which I was too tired, and too sad, and too stressed to even think about newborn photos. So I didn't schedule them. But I did set up my camera on timer mode and set it on the table and take pictures of us with baby against the gross mustardy colored wall in our rent house.

I CHERISH those photos.

When I look at them, I can still remember sitting on the carpet against that wall and nursing my son between takes. I can remember exactly where every piece of furniture was placed and where every piece of art was on the walls.

I can remember the chair that my dad was sitting in the FIRST time he held my newborn son. I know where it was sitting, where I was standing as he held him, the emotions I felt when that moment happened.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

I can mentally walk down and around the stairs after my much-needed nap that first day home and see my husband loading the dishwasher and my mom cooking dinner while my son slept soundly in his rock-n-play nearby.

There is ONE photo on my fridge from that little 10 minute shoot. ONE. And all it shows is me sitting against that yucky wall holding my son and smiling. And all it takes is seeing that wall to transport me back in time to the moments that surrounded that photo being taken.

Angela Duncan Photography-Longview-TX

Since that rent-house, we have moved twice. First back home to the house I semi-grew up in and then to the home our family bought together. We will probably never go back to that rent house. The walls are probably a totally different color now. The carpet is probably changed and someone else's furniture is placed around the living room. But I'll forever have that home and those memories captured in photos.

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